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Challenges faced by employees in today’s workplace

When you face difficulties there is no other option than standing shoulder to shoulder to keep growing. Creativity, solidarity and new opportunities are now more in line than ever.

#HELPMEHELPYOU Funifier Gamification

Funifier has joined many other firms in the #HELPMEHELPYOU campaign sponsored by Digital1to1 to help during the COVID times.

How can we help?

Funifer is here to help. This is why we are excited to announce that we are waiving the first 6 months of licensing on any new project in a bid to help firms drive engagement with their customers.


Lot’s of governments are offering various aid plans to mitigate risks that come about due to Covid19… and while these address the majority, some of the companies cannot benefits form those. We understand and we are here to help.

The move to digital is more important now than ever. And finding way for companies to engage with their clients is of upmost importance. This is the moment for Funifier to come and ensure that proper engagement strategies are part of the digital transformation strategy for ever company.

#HELPMEHELPYOU Digital1to1 Funifier

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Igor Radić,

Funifier Partner & CEO



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