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The Evolution of Gamification: Unlocking Potential Across All Sectors and Business Departments

Updated: Apr 10

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The gamification journey, from its inception as a relatively unknown concept in 2008 to its comprehensive and sophisticated application in 2024, is a tale of innovation, perseverance, and evolution. This narrative showcases how gamification transcended mere entertainment to become a driving force in engaging and transforming businesses across various sectors. Funifier was a pioneer in this context by witnessing and significantly contributing to this evolution.


The Origins and Initial Recognition

In its early days, gamification was an emerging idea, seeking its space and acknowledgment. It was in 2012, when the term "gamification" was still unfamiliar to many, that Funifier was born. Stemming from experiments within a Brazilian software startup, Funifier set out to solve a challenge: digitally engage people in business training processes. By utilizing game techniques such as points, progress bars, unlocks, and rankings, the gamification platform showed promising results from the start despite the market needing more time to embrace the concept entirely.


Gamification Gains Popularity

The game changed in 2013 with the rising popularity of the term gamification. Funifier's participation in the Gamification Summit in San Francisco marked the beginning of its international journey, selling its solutions to small businesses across various industries. However, financial challenges were significant, as projects often ran at a loss. It was a period of learning and adaptation, during which Funifier began to incorporate new functionalities, such as virtual stores and integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).


Expansion and Recognition

In the following years, Funifier widened its scope with gamification solutions that engaged thousands at events like Campus Party and began forming strategic partnerships, like the one with the Octalysis group. Incorporating advanced gamification concepts and partnering with renowned consultants strengthened its offering, standing out as one of the most innovative solutions in the market, as recognized by Enterprise Gamification in 2015.


Securing Large-Scale Projects

2018 was a landmark year in Funifier's journey, with large-scale projects such as gamifying the elections in Bahrain and significantly boosting sales for Adidas during the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. Successful projects with large corporations, like Caixa Econômica Federal, not only underscored the effectiveness of gamification but also solidified Funifier's value in the market, culminating in highly profitable projects and increasing international recognition.


The Era of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the need for digital engagement, highlighting gamification as a vital corporate process. Funifier adapted quickly, introducing gamification in 3D environments and expanding its application across various sectors. The following year, intense progress continued with the adoption of online events in the metaverse and expansion into the banking sector, demonstrating the versatility and impact of gamification.


Funifier integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform in 2023, revolutionizing the creation and management of gamification. The ability to configure challenges, create interfaces, and even write code with the help of AI represented a quantum leap in efficiency and customization of gamification.


Conclusion: Funifier and the Evolution of Gamification

The trajectory of Funifier from its inception in 2012 to 2024 is a testament to the transformative potential of gamification across all business sectors and departments. Its journey, marked by constant innovation and adaptation to market changes, reflects the maturation of gamification as an essential tool for engagement and business growth. Funifier has not just followed this evolution; it has been at the forefront, shaping the future of gamification and demonstrating its invaluable worth in an increasingly digital world.


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Igor Radić,

Funifier Partner & CEO



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