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Exploring Engagement Targets

Defining the target audience is crucial to driving engagement. This understanding guides the strategic discussions, pricing, and necessary connections.

Consumer Engagement, Loyalty, Social Engagement

Consumer Loyalty 

  • Application, web, social

  • Simple tiered pricing

  • Straightforward integration

  • Full plaform access & support

  • 6 months of data retention

Employee Loyalty, Engagement

Employee Engagement

  • CRM, LMS, intranet

  • Volume discounts

  • Custom integrations

  • Full plaform access & support

  • 6 Months of data retention

Event Engagement

Trade Show Engagement

  • Unlimited users

  • Start & end dates

  • Strategy included

  • Developement included

  • 2 months of data retention

Not sure where you stand?

Join us for personalized Gamification Workshops to discover the magic of gamification

and find the best path forward for your unique needs



$ 3,950

General Gamification workshop aimed at understanding the human motivators

  • For anyone who wants to learn about gamification

  • 1 day workshop for up to 12 people

  • History of Gamification

  • Understanding various frameworks

  • What are its benefits

  • How can it help my organization

  • Why is gamification leveraged more and more across all industries

  • Earn an Initiation to Gamification certificate


Wall of ideas

Strategy Design

$ 10,950

Gamification Strategy Design workshop helps organizations create Engagement Strategies that solve real business problems.

  • Includes Gamification Discovery workshop

  • 3-day workshop for up to 12 people

  • Have fun with peers by resolving issues with gamification

  • Learn strategies based on various engagement approaches

  • Create a draft of the Engagement Strategy

  • Hands-on planning for a selected project by the group

  • Learn to predict human behavior based on psychology theories




$ 15,900

Learn how to implement your Engagement Strategies using the Funifier Platform, including setup, interfaces, and integrations.

  • Requirement: Discovery Gamification

  • 4-day on-site workshop for up to 12 people

  • Gain an understanding of how to implement an engagement strategy

  • Learn how to use the various Configuration options & Interfaces 

  • Understand how to leverage the Funifier API

  • Grasp how to create the Engagement loop

  • Learn how to manage the various triggers within Funifier

  • Receive hands-on implementation practice

  • Earn a Funifier Developer Certificate

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