XTI - Software Factory


The company XTI, a software factory located in Brasilia, Brazil, often hires and trains new professionals. The HR Department needed a solution to reduce the time to hire professionals, the related costs as well as increase the engagement in internal training. The hiring process took an average of two (2) weeks to hire a professional developer. This 2-week period covered the time to advertise the job vacancies, receive resumes, peruse the curriculums, schedule and hold interviews, and then select those to join XTI. 

Once hired, professionals developer are required to conduct some online training before starting work. These developer are also paid to study during the first two months. The company had invested an important amount in developing high-quality developer courses and still had a great cost with the training of new developer. Yet, most employees do not even access the training system.

The gamification was applied to the online training process.  All the course lessons were originally open and accessible at any time. With the gamification, classes were locked and only the first class of each course could be accessed. The player could get to the next class only if s/he achieved a good grade.  This technique garnered the interest of the employees to perform all the exercises to unlock every class.

Then it was detected that many professionals were ignoring the video lessons, as they preferred participating in the exercises because of the gamification.  Therefore, the company started to give players points based on the amount of time spent watching the videos. A progress bar indicating the number of points accumulated was displayed at the bottom of each video.  This spurred the professionals to watch every second of video lessons available in the training system as everyone wanted to accumulate all the points.

Then the company released rankings, separated by technology - Java, C#, C++, etc. At this point, the staff began to play to see who was at the top of each ranking. And several of these employees started to spread the word to their friends outside the company about the existence of these rankings.

A week after the rankings were released, the company started receiving requests from people outside the company to access the gamified environment to see if they could beat their friends. A month later, XTI no longer needed to hire new developer that required training because the candidates did the training beforehand. People were interested in the training, even without any guarantee that they would be hired.  This lowered the cost of the company's training in 100% since the company no longer needed more hire people and provide them the mandatory training.

A striking fact reported by one of the company executives occurred when one of the employees was fired from the company. The employee made one single request, which was that the company allow him to continue to play in the gamified environment because he was well positioned in the rankings and could not bear to lose that status.  It was another surprising benefit of how the gamification strategy had exceeded expectations within ITF.

The time to hire of new professionals was reduced by 92%, from approximately two weeks to just one day. Now, after the gamification, when the HR Department needs to hire a new professional, it simply selects players who are at the top of each ranking and invites them to apply for the position. Another benefit was the increase in the time engaged in training that increased by more than 1200% amongst the employees, from two weeks to more than six months.