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Worten Game Ring

A gaming journey with Worten, Portugal's foremost electronics haven and a proud member of the Sonae group. Witness the birth of an electrifying gamification experience crafted exclusively to amplify our bond with gamers.

Hold onto your controllers as we unveil the extraordinary results – what began as a quest to engage 15,000 players skyrocketed beyond expectations. In just two short weeks, our gamification magic captivated the hearts of over 40,000 players, creating a gaming community that resonates with the passion and thrill of Worten.

Join us in this dynamic adventure where gaming meets innovation, and the player community becomes a force to be reckoned with! The game is on, and the fun is limitless at Worten!

Game Techniques used in this project

Elitism, status points, badges, leaderboard, quest list, refresh content, level up, instant feedback, virtual goods, avatar, exchangeable points, group quest, friend invites, dangling and countdown timer.

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