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Wiz Soluções

WizOn - Insurance Outbound Sales

A captivating journey into the vibrant universe of WIZ's team engagement, where over 1500 insurance sales agents unite within Salesforce CRM, crafting their own pieces of brilliance to revolutionize outbound sales.

This seamlessly integrated design, a chameleon in any CRM environment, unveils a world of unparalleled potential and limitless creativity.

Envision a lead system throbbing with life, boasting over 1 million leads, meticulously orchestrated to ignite a sales phenomenon. From the years 2017 to 2018, witness an extraordinary surge of 1013%, propelling lead handling from 31,671 to an awe-inspiring 352,550. The momentum doesn't stop there, with a breathtaking 155% surge in sales, soaring from 25,103 to an impressive 64,109.

Yet, it's not just about the numbers; it's an 80% surge in the effectiveness of planning execution, where strategies seamlessly transform into reality with unparalleled precision. Step into a realm where engagement metamorphoses into astonishing results, redefining the very essence of sales evolution. Welcome to a future where success isn't just a vision but a living testament to unmatched prowess and limitless possibilities.

Game Techniques used in this project

Narrative, points, quest list, level, leaderboard, step-by-step, collection, lastmile drive, progressbar, instant feedback

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