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"CRECER PARA SER" is more than just a game—it's a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By integrating elements of gamification into TeenSmart's services, we've transformed learning about life, emotional health, relationships, and self-awareness into an engaging adventure.

At Funifier, we believe in the power of gamification to inspire and educate. The project, "CRECER PARA SER," embodies this philosophy perfectly. We collaborated with TeenSmart, a leading platform dedicated to empowering young minds, to create an immersive gamified experience aimed at kids and teens.

Through interactive challenges, quizzes, and activities, participants are encouraged to explore important topics in a fun and accessible way. Whether it's understanding emotions, navigating relationships, or building resilience, "CRECER PARA SER" offers a dynamic platform for learning and growth.

Our collaboration with TeenSmart has yielded remarkable results, with increased engagement and enthusiasm among young users. By leveraging the power of gamification, we've not only made learning more enjoyable but also empowered a generation to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Game Techniques used in this project

Narrative, status points, progress bar, challenges, notifications, avatar, next mile drive

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