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Banco do Brasil

JogaJunto BB

By gamifying the corporate culture, Banco do Brasil has witnessed remarkable transformations: increased employee engagement, heightened productivity, and a culture of innovation that permeates every department.

At Banco do Brasil, fostering a culture of feedback, quality delivery, and innovation is paramount. That's why we partnered with Funifier to introduce JogaJuntoBB, a groundbreaking project aimed at transforming the corporate landscape.

JogaJuntoBB isn't just another initiative; it's a dynamic platform that gamifies the corporate experience, seamlessly integrating feedback mechanisms, promoting quality delivery, and inspiring innovation at every turn.

Through JogaJuntoBB, employees are not merely participants; they are active players in shaping the future of Banco do Brasil. With engaging challenges, collaborative tasks, and real-time feedback loops, JogaJuntoBB empowers individuals to excel, fosters teamwork, and drives continuous improvement.

Game Techniques used in this project

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