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ING Bank

ING - Deal Wise app

Experience a surge of excitement with Deal-Wise as we beckon bank customers into a realm of seamless transactions within our accredited partner network, all facilitated through the convenience of their bank account.

The Deal Wise app unveils a captivating catalog of products, adorned with enticing discounts that evolve with each interaction in our gamified experience.

But there's more – immerse yourself in the realm of smart shopping with features such as a digital wallet, tempting cashback rewards, and other intelligent functionalities. Elevate your purchasing experience as we redefine your shopping journey. Come join us on this adventure where engagement seamlessly intertwines with intelligence, making each purchase a delightful and rewarding experience

Game Techniques used in this project

Narrative, elitism, evolved ui, status points, badges, leaderboard, quest list, refresh content, level up, instant feedback, virtual goods, exchangeable points, friend invites, dangling and countdown.

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