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HP Customer Center

Utilizing our innovative gamification platform, we designed a dynamic engagement program tailored specifically for HP's CX team. By seamlessly integrating game mechanics into their daily workflow, we empowered team members to consistently go above and beyond in delighting customers.

At Funifier, we were thrilled to collaborate with HP's Customer Relationship and Support team to amplify their customer experience initiatives. Tasked with reinforcing the significance of delivering WOW experiences to every HP customer, our challenge was to devise an engaging solution that would resonate with the entire Customer Experience team.

Through a blend of challenges, rewards, and friendly competition, we fostered a culture of excellence where exceeding customer expectations became second nature. The results were staggering, with a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction scores and positive feedback across the board.

With Funifier's gamification solution, HP's Customer Relationship and Support team not only embraced the importance of providing WOW experiences but also elevated their commitment to excellence to new heights. It's a testament to the power of gamification in driving tangible results and fostering a customer-centric mindset within organizations.

Game Techniques used in this project

Avatar, leaderboards, narrative, notifications, virtual goods

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