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Banco Bradesco / INOVABRA


A thrilling journey through the cosmos of knowledge with BQuest, the gamified learning experience designed to revolutionize team engagement at Banco Bradesco.

In this innovative project crafted by Funifier, teams at Banco Bradesco are transported to a galaxy of learning, where each planet represents a unique challenge, mission, or course to conquer. From financial literacy to customer service excellence, BQuest offers a diverse range of interactive games and challenges.

With BQuest, learning becomes an exhilarating adventure as teams navigate through missions, tackle courses, and engage in games, all while earning rewards and unlocking achievements along the way. Say goodbye to conventional training methods and embrace a new era of learning that is immersive, interactive, and undeniably fun!

Game Techniques used in this project

Narrative, status poins, progress bar, mini games

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