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BIPD + Batelco + White Palm

Batelco - Bahrain Elections App

By embracing gamification principles, the Bahrain Institute of Political Development, along with its partners, White Pal, Batelco, and Funifier, successfully transformed the electoral process into a dynamic and engaging experience.

Embark on an immersive electoral journey with the "Bahrain Institute of Political Development," the driving force behind elections, joined by visionary partners Batelco, White Palm, and Funifier. Together, we've crafted a gamified app that transforms political engagement into a thrilling experience for candidates from all parties and voters alike. 

Step into the app, and you'll find yourself in a captivating election sticker album. Each regional candidate has their own dedicated section, and to collect their stickers, dive into watching videos, absorbing content, and sharing it with your network. Earn valuable points along the way, turning your participation in the electoral process and casting your vote on election day into a rewarding experience with exciting prizes awaiting redemption. This isn't just an election; it's a vibrant and interactive electoral adventure that puts the power of democracy in your hands!

Game Techniques used in this project

Narrative, points, quest list, level, leaderboard, step-by-step, collection, lastmile drive, progressbar, instant feedback

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