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Adidas World Cup 2018 - Web App

Immerse yourself in the thrill of the FIFA World Cup 2018 with Adidas, as we bring you an exhilarating collaboration with Funifier's cutting-edge gamification platform, designed to elevate your shopping experience across the GCC!

Picture this: Visit any Adidas store within the vibrant malls of the GCC, and step into a world where physical games come alive. Feel the rush as you drive and kick the football, earning valuable points with each skillful move. These points seamlessly translate into exclusive discounts within the store, instantly redeemable at the point of sale through a generated barcode within the app.

Unlock the game's potential with enticing techniques like points, quest lists, leveling up, instant feedback, milestone unlocks, virtual goods, and exchangeable points. Experience the thrill of dangling rewards, countdown timers, an evolved user interface, and refreshing content that keeps the excitement alive. Join us in this dynamic fusion of sports, gaming, and shopping, where every kick counts, and every reward is just a play away! Step into the game, and let the excitement unfold at Adidas!

Game Techniques used in this project

Points, quest list, levelup, instant feedback, milestone unlock, virtual goods, exchangeable points, dangling, countdown timer, evolved ui, refreshing content

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