Ricardo Lopes Costa

C0-Founder & CTO

Ricardo Lopes Costa has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he founded his first company and has since ever then founded many some with national and international presence.

Since 2003, he got his law degree in Brazil. With 17 years of experience in IT, Ricardo loves to share and teach and as a teacher he gave more than 3 million virtual classes for people around the world. He has grown into also an avid sales man with his daily dealing with the Brazilian government. With all this experience, he believes that through gamification it is possible to create a world in which to live, work and study that is as fun as playing games. Ricardo has been using the Funifier Gamification Platform in one of his business’ since 2010.

That technology created a world for him and his employee where they live in sustainability and high life style without work. Ricardo is an entrepreneur, lawyer, teacher, salesman, programmer and inventor that is dedicated to his work and family and that loves to travel, gastronomy and walking.