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XTI - Software Factory


The company XTI, a software factory located in Brasilia, Brazil, often hires and trains new professionals. The HR Department needed a solution to reduce the time to hire professionals, the related costs as well as increase the engagement in internal training. The hiring process took an average of two (2) weeks to hire a professional developer. This 2-week period covered the time to advertise the job vacancies, receive resumes, peruse the curriculums, schedule and hold interviews, and then select those to join XTI. 



DecideRH is a event held in Paris, France on a monthly basis. Funifier Platform along with the mobile app helped introduce gamification to HR Executives within the CAC50 companies in France. These companies understood how Gamification can be leveraged internally to drive the on-boarding experience to a new level as well as increase the number of employee taking internal training.

Campus Party - Live Event


CAMPUS PARTY - The Campus Party is the largest technology event in Brazil. SEBRAE is one of the largest sponsors  participating since the first version of the event in the country. They want to encourage participants to attend lectures and interact with activities promoted by Sebrae.

A major challenge was to engage the participants to answer the SEBRAE profile assessment questionnaires.

UNDER SKIN - Cosmetics


Under Skin is a premium dermo-cosmetics brand that combines science and effectiveness with sophistication and luxury. It is part of the EMS Group, the largest manufacturer of generic medicines in Brazil. Under Skin’ s sales team visits clinics specialized in aesthetic treatment to present their products to doctors. Sales people present visual and audio content through a mobile application.

With better and more relevant presentations, the doctors are more confident to prescribe the company's products for their patients. Thus resulting in increased sales.