Establishing New Standards in Engagement via Gamification


Creative people seek inspiration by reflecting upon themselves, the people around them as well as their environment. Taking valuable time out of a busy schedule is critical if you want to think outside the box, discover new products, services, solutions, processes, etc. Moreover, individuals have to consciously step away just for a couple of hours from the daily humdrum in order to refocus, rejuvenate and reprioritize their lives. This mindful exercise allows them to build the most creative solutions that are then successfully introduced into the market.

Drive Business and Engagement with Funifier – while having FUN!


The primary purpose of Gamification is to boost user engagement amongst employees and customers alike. For employees, a gamified user engagement increases productivity and a sense of excellence among this set of users. With clients, gamification increases sales, loyalty, and retention. Funifier’s gamification solutions have been applied in healthcare, marketing, crowdsourcing, education, human development, and technology design – the market demand is ever growing. Funifier Inc.

Funifier EMEA a BIOT


Funifier EMEA est une entreprise créée en mars 2015, affiliée à la société canadienne Funifier fondée en 2013 à Montréal, pour développer au niveau technique et commercial sa solution de gamification dans la région EMEA (Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique). La gamification consiste à utiliser les mécaniques du jeu pour rendre ludique des objets ou contextes qui ne le sont pas comme un site e-commerce, des applications d’entreprise (ERP, CRM, plateforme e-learning, etc.), la communication...

Creating Valuable Engagement Strategies


Organizations always strive to ‘do more with less’. The challenge involved here is to not only have the employees perform better in their individual roles, but also help them engage with customers in the most efficient way. Gamification holds the answer to this challenge, with an ability to incentivize the employees to accomplish more and drive more value for the organization. However, the complexity involved in building, deploying, integrating, and managing a standalone gamification platform often stands in the way of enterprises looking to adopt a gamification strategy.