UNDER SKIN - Cosmetics

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Under Skin is a premium dermo-cosmetics brand that combines science and effectiveness with sophistication and luxury. It is part of the EMS Group, the largest manufacturer of generic medicines in Brazil. Under Skin’ s sales team visits clinics specialized in aesthetic treatment to present their products to doctors. Sales people present visual and audio content through a mobile application.

With better and more relevant presentations, the doctors are more confident to prescribe the company's products for their patients. Thus resulting in increased sales.  

Funifier's gamification solution was implemented to stimulate the sales team to perform more presentations and interactions with the doctors. The gamification was applied in the mobile application used for the presentations. The sales people receive missions, feedback and can interact through the application.

The sales reps can buy product samples, gift vouchers and other rewards with the virtual coins they accumulate inside the gamification platform. The gamification narrative resembles a virtual city whereby the players enter the hospital & clinics to deliver their presentations, shop at the mall with the virtual currency, and go to lounges to talk to friends and view the top seller ranking.