Campus Party - Live Event


CAMPUS PARTY - The Campus Party is the largest technology event in Brazil. SEBRAE is one of the largest sponsors  participating since the first version of the event in the country. They want to encourage participants to attend lectures and interact with activities promoted by Sebrae.

A major challenge was to engage the participants to answer the SEBRAE profile assessment questionnaires.

2000 participants answered the assessment questionnaires in full, a 1200% increase from previous year.

In gamification participant’s conquered points when participating in some activity such as attending lectures, participate in workshops, receive business advice, interact in social networks and answer the assessment questionnaires. These points could be redeemed for souvenirs in a virtual shop. 2000 participants answered the assessment questionnaires in full, in the other editions have managed few participants.

Some specifics

Industry - Events
Goal - Increase customer participation in Events
Results - 160,000 people in free area, 700 speakers, 8000 participants
KPIs Tracked - # of participant registered , # of Lectures attended, # of Workshops attended, # of Assessments completed, Frequency of Social Media interaction, # of souvenirs redeemed
Total of 16 game techniques leveraged