Drive Business and Engagement with Funifier – while having FUN!


The primary purpose of Gamification is to boost user engagement amongst employees and customers alike. For employees, a gamified user engagement increases productivity and a sense of excellence among this set of users. With clients, gamification increases sales, loyalty, and retention. Funifier’s gamification solutions have been applied in healthcare, marketing, crowdsourcing, education, human development, and technology design – the market demand is ever growing. Funifier Inc. and its international partners meet this surging demand with proficiency.

Funifier provides engagement solutions for companies to increase performance results

 either internally or externally. It offers a comprehensive suite of gamification solutions, comprising software processes and professional services for creating and sustaining engagement.

A Journey that Changed Perspectives Initially

Funifier’s vision of building an engagement software solution was criticized, as gamification was an unformulated concept. People confused gamification with game creation, and thus did not understand the value of the solution that Funifier had already experienced.

The following year, companies approached Funifier to learn more about gamification and how it could help them to resolve issues, improve results and achieve new goals. Eventually, companies sought to use gamification as a strategic business tool, often starting in the sales area, i.e. to engage sales teams and customers.

By working with diverse companies with different objectives, Funifier has acquired the expertise and experience in building custom gamification solutions that customers benefit from both internally and externally. More committed employees translate to more loyal customers. The company’s solutions allow organizations to build and sustain people engagement for the long run. Today, several companies, ranging from banking, insurance, telecom, education, health, government, retail and other industries, are running their custom gamifications with Funifier. Every successful deployment of the Funifier solution, and the rate of success these firms experience by implementing gamification, provide concrete proof of the results companies can expect.

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