Creating Valuable Engagement Strategies


Organizations always strive to ‘do more with less’. The challenge involved here is to not only have the employees perform better in their individual roles, but also help them engage with customers in the most efficient way. Gamification holds the answer to this challenge, with an ability to incentivize the employees to accomplish more and drive more value for the organization. However, the complexity involved in building, deploying, integrating, and managing a standalone gamification platform often stands in the way of enterprises looking to adopt a gamification strategy. 

Enter Funifier, a company that is capable of gamifiying any website, mobile application, or even internal legacy systems in a matter of minutes. Unlike a platform, the company’s powerful gamification engine can deliver a wide range of results—whether it’s gamifying a retail store chain to reward consumers making purchases, or the store managers for increasing footfalls, or a software development team for deploying their code within the allotted time. 

In order to deliver these customized results, Funifier works in collaboration with their customers in defining their success metrics and the strategy to achieve them. Then, Funfier provides up to 100 different game mechanics such as the defacto points, badges, leaderboards, as well as last mile drives, boosters, quests, timers, and chain combos that will best suit the client's gamification goals. The gamification engine executes the strategy in the background, while the front-end can be a wide variety of environments from custom applications and websites, to 3rd party software such as Salesforce, Jira, GoToMeeting, Google Docs, and so on. Overall, Funifier’s technology integrates with over 700 systems, including VoIP systems, IoT devices, and HTML platforms to feed data into the proprietary gamification engine. 

“We keep adding more integrations and game mechanics to our engine frequently. With these extended functionalities, the engine creates a fun environment for the end users, where they can perform the required actions to earn rewards from the organization,” explains Igor Radic, CEO of Funifier. “Even the administrator finds it easy and fun to build and deploy their strategy in our engine.” 

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