WIZ Solutions


This gamification was created to motivate the insurance brokerage team of 1,300 sales folks to hit its sales targets. Sellers have personal sales goals for each of the various products marketed by the company.

Funifier was used to keep the sales team focused on business goals, as well as the possible financial gain the seller could obtain if the goal was reached.  

Funifier was incorporated into the SalesForce (CRM used by the company) to measure the player's progress in each goal as well as the related sales bonus.

Also, whenever the player advanced, the Gamification presented feedback to further engage the sales person. One of the interesting aspects of the Gamification strategy was the use of the engagement technique  called "Last Mile Drive" that arose when the player was close to reaching a goal.  The seller was informed what was left to reach to the goal and how much time remained to win the much vaunted reward.