Octalysis Prime

A Gameful Journey to Learn Gamification


Yu-kai Chou is an Author and International Keynote Speaker on Gamification and Behavioral Design. He is the Original Creator of the Octalysis Framework, and the author of Actionable Gamification Book. He is the Founder of The Octalysis Group and has been a regular speaker/lecturer on gamification worldwide, including at organizations like Google, Stanford University, LEGO, TEDx, Boston Consulting Group, SxSW, Gamified India, Huawei, the Innovation Center in Denmark, Kingdom of Bahrain, and many more. Yu-kai was one of the earliest pioneers in Gamification, was elected #1 Gamification Guru by top organizations multiple times.

Octalysis Prime is Yu-kai Chou’s most important project. It is built on top of Funifier, and it is the “gamified mentorship journey with Yu-kai Chou“. Octalysis Prime was launched in June 2018, it's a comprehensive platform to teaching gamification and related concepts and practices. It is structured in the format of a real-life RPG (role-playing game), in which the user levels up by studying the Octalysis framework and the concepts behind it.

Yu-kai Chou’s book Actionable Gamification is a very good read for those who enjoy reading books. However, Octalysis Prime offers another path for those wanting to learn about Octalysis. In addition, it include several hours of additional content not originally included in the book. But what is most remarkable about Octalysis Prime is that it is fully gamified knowledge, built from the ground up with gameful design in mind. Therefore, Octalysis Prime was built using the same principles from the Octalysis framework that it teaches, thus serving at the same case as a showcase application of the framework.

Within Octalysis Prime, the user begins the journey by learning about the Eight Octalysis Core Drives:

  • Meaning,
  • Accomplishment,
  • Empowerment,
  • Ownership,
  • Social Influence,
  • Scarcity,
  • Unpredictability,
  • and Avoidance,

and how to apply them in eight different life fields:

  • education,
  • productivity,
  • career,
  • finance,
  • purpose,
  • wellness,
  • happiness,
  • and relationships.

After completing the initial lessons, new areas are unlocked with additional lessons in the fundamental concepts behind Octalysis, such as motivational psychology, persuasive technology, behavioral economics, and game design. Moreover, membership includes access to a community of people interested in the study and application of Octalysis, who are constantly exchanging ideas and helping each other throughout the journey.