CECAF - Health & Gym Club


A common problem among the gym academies/ clubs is the difficulty in retaining students. Most simply stop going to the gym in the first few months.

To reverse this scenario, you need to motivate the student from the beginning to get to the Academy.  This in turn requires a good participation from the teachers that create a connection with the students.

With Funifier Gamification, students evaluated the care and service teachers provided.  The teachers were ranked according to the best attendants of the week.

With check-in at the Academy (gym) enabled, students accumulated points to exchange for food supplements.

In addition, a set of challenges that can be performed either individually or in groups, further motivated the clients and encouraged students to interact with each other in the latter case.

All students now receive feedback and feel that they are progressing. The teachers are checking the ranking and striving offer a better service.