Human-Focused Design Strategies

At its core, gamification applies various game mechanics to non-game activities so as to trigger specific behaviors. In a business sense, gamification is the process of integrating these game mechanics into everyday tools such as a website, business service, online community, content portal, marketing campaign, mobile applications or even internal business processes, in order to enhance user experience and engagement for target audiences.

The overall goal of gamification is to more deeply engage with consumers, employees, partners and other audiences so as to inspire them to participate, collaborate, share and interact in some activity or community. A compelling, dynamic, and sustained gamification experience can be used to accomplish a variety of mission-critical business goals. This is FUNIFIER’S ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION.

Simple approach… targeted results. 
All user engagement solutions are targeted to your Corporate Business Metrics that you wish to track but also improve over time.

Some statistics to ponder on...

  • 14% higher in skill-bases assessments, 
  • 11% higher in terms of factual knowledge, 
  • 9% increase in retention rates
  • 79% of employees and university students in a study said a game introduced to their learning environment would make them more productive,
  • Millennials who make up 60% of today’s workforce love the fun, play, transparency, design, competition and addiction that they can achieve in a single social or serious game,
  • Gamification uses 75% psychology and 25% Technology

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