Advanced & flexible Gamification Stack

Built for Designers and Marketers as well as Engineers, the stack allows everyone to be part of the engagement strategy design and implementation.

Funifier's API is a critical piece of Spinify leaderboard solution. Allowing us to build out our solution significantly faster

For Engineers & Developers, Full stack API

Using the API endpoints to register user behaviors as well as retrieve all generated data through the widget (such as Player Profile, Leaderboards, Twitter-like Newsfeeds, Rewards, etc.)

For Designers & Marketers, Studio Admin Interface

Funifier STUDIO, designers can create & modify trophies, badges, rewards & even make changes to the User Engagement Strategy on the fly without having to touch the customer facing interface. Apply and your changes are live.

Marketplace for a quick pick & Chose of Gamification artifacts

A complete marketplace where one can pick and chose the widgets, languages, game techniques and anything else that needs to be custom to the engagement strategy for the best results. The marketplace is ever evolving and you can even publish your designs and make a few extra bucks!

Various additional components

4 stacked layer makes it possible for you to use Funifier the best way the suite you. From the core Engine to the FunPack and the Admin UI, the 1013+ integration points provides the Engineers, Developers, and Gamification Designers multiple options when it comes to their End User Engagement Strategy.