Establishing New Standards in Engagement via Gamification


Creative people seek inspiration by reflecting upon themselves, the people around them as well as their environment. Taking valuable time out of a busy schedule is critical if you want to think outside the box, discover new products, services, solutions, processes, etc. Moreover, individuals have to consciously step away just for a couple of hours from the daily humdrum in order to refocus, rejuvenate and reprioritize their lives. This mindful exercise allows them to build the most creative solutions that are then successfully introduced into the market.

Igor Radic, CEO of Funifier, and the team follow these same principles to find creative ways to engage their customers, clients and employees. Sharing his thoughts on defining creativity, Igor says, “Creativity is all about using your imagination, thinking outside of the box, seeing something in a new way, which leads to creating inventive solutions, processes, techniques, etc.”

Since his formative years, Igor had the inclinations and tendencies of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Today, his complete mindset is focused on leadership 3.0 at a global scale. This outlook comes from Igor’s international background, education and professional experience. Igor had the chance to travel extensively and live in different parts of the world since his early childhood. This gave him an international perspective about life, communications and relationships that allows him to understand and appreciate different cultures as well as find optimal ways of motivating teams to accomplish awesomeness within Funifier and its clients.

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