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All Audiences, One Engagement Platform

The most flexible engagement solutions provider globally.

Drive engagement results to the next level with the Funifier gamification platform:
Tailored Experiences, Advanced Integrations, Limitless Customization and
AI-Powered Features!

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Game thinking improves performance, adoption rate, productivity, and more.


More sales by driving engagement for 1200 sales reps


Increase in Efficiency for Corporate Planning Execution


Increase of Recuring Revenue by a Financial institution


Increase in customer product review large technology firm


Customer Adoption of mobile App and bank card transaction


Rasie in customer Acquisition by a Bank


Increase in 80k+ Bank Employee  Engagement


Attrition reduction & 80% Absenteeism by a BPO

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Made for


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Save time on development

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Focus on


Are you ready to boost your productivity?

The Funifier platform can help you achieve that by providing pre-built gamification modules.

The platform is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

It's also scalable, which means it can grow with your business.

Don't hesitate to try Funifier and experience the amazing results for yourself!

Introducing the Funifier Platform

Creating Player Journeys

It's faster and easier

Happy and engaged Colleagues
funifier gamification engagement features

Easy Onboarding

Connect your app to Funifier once and effortlessly tweak strategies without touching a single line of code

Seamless engagement awaits! Integrate your app with Funifier just once, and you're set for an effortless experience.

Just pure engagement brilliance!

Smart Pricing

Tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs and target audience.

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B2C volume pricing for Apps, Web, Social Engagement

funifier gamification engagement loyalty

B2B pricing based on seats for Employee Engagement

funifier gamification engagement employee

Non-Profit & Education institution discounts

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Event-based all-inclusive option

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Player Status Player Profile widget
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Beautiful Templates

Hit a creative roadblock?
Explore our case studies for inspiration or let our AI Assistant create something specifically for you!

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funifier gamification engagement social

Gamification Strategies

funifier gamification engagement b2b

Complete projects

funifier gamification engagement b2c

Create game content

Legacy of Logos

Where Success Stories
and Our Clients' Brands Shine Bright!

Experience our clients' stories firsthand through their own words.
Read what they have to say about their Funifier journey. Fun comes up often.

Cultivating a Customer Obsession mindset at HP has been transformative, with Funifier playing a pivotal role. Gamifying recognition and engagement has reinforced the right behaviors among our frontline employees, boosting both engagement and the quality of customer interactions.

Our commitment to excellence and a skilled, empowered workforce has not only elevated HP''s culture but also fostered autonomy and flexibility. Success, we believe, is a testament to the dedication and unwavering pursuit of excellence by our remarkable team, driven by the power of play.

client 2 HP ref

Ronald P.
Customer Exprience & Quality Program Manage, HP
Global Customer Care Center

Innovation Chronicles

Unveiling the Power of Gamification

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